Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
April 2011 Food Distribution

At about 8:15 a.m., the mobile pantry truck arrives and backs up to our tables to unload its cargo.
We receive many boxes of fresh vegetables – lettuce, cabbage and spinach – and...
... some yummy cupcakes, which Marge, from our sister church, starts unpacking.
The truck is unloaded and our workers get ready to distribute its cargo. In this picture, we can see OUMCers Greg, Tommy, Jerry and Justice, as well as some of our visitors, "organizing" the food.
The food is placed on tables, or in pallets on the ground, and is ready to deliver to our neighbors. Potatoes are the first item on our menu.
We let people with wheelchairs and walkers go first.
the line
Our neighbors come down the line to receive their food. Giovanni and Greg are helping them carry it.
The job isn't done until we clean up.
the crew
Today's hardworking crew.

Thank you, Doctor Greg, for shooting these photos!

April 16, 2011. Twice a month, we disbribute food from the Second Harvest Food Bank's mobile pantry. This Saturday, Ana Gan, who used to attend OUMC, and who is still a member of our church, brings some friends from 1st UMC of Huntington Beach, where she's serving as a community developer, to observe, and to help. They're thinking about starting a similar ministry in their own neighborhood. Here are a few photos taken that day.

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