Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
August 6, 2016 Food Distribution

August 6, 2016. We gather once again in the back parking lot at OUMC to distribute food to our neighbors. Here are the photos which two of our volunteer helpers, Dave and Constance Carey, took that morning, when we delivered fresh fruits and vegetables to 92 of our neighbor families...

We see OUMC's own Jerry Martindale on the left, behind a big box of melons, with the truck driver's pallet jack at his elbow, Keith Giles from Dave and Constance's house church, in front of a table loaded with onions, and Gina Ley, in pink, who came along with her husband Rob and son, Eagle Scout and Servite HS student, Chris, to help us.
That's Constance, bagging some produce, along with Anders Holst, who brought his son, Eric, today.
Keith and Constance, with the onions. That's Rob Ley behind the box on the far left.
Are we having a good time, or what? Keith with his wife Wendy, flanked by Dave and Constance, who posted this photo on her Facebook page

Thank you, everybody, for helping make this a smooth and successful distribution. Beth Robinson has posted a brief video of these helpers scrambling around, moving tables, and preparing to distribute the food, on her Facebook page which you might enjoy watching.

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