Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
February 6, 2016 Food Distribution

February 6, 2016. As we've been doing one or two Saturdays a month for more than a dozen years, we gather in the back parking lot at OUMC to distribute food to our neighbors. Recently, we've been getting a lot of help from employees of St. Jude Medical Center at these repartos, so we're a little worried this morning when we don't have any organized group coming to help, plus our coordinator and jefe máximo, Roberto Navarro, has to go to work early in the morning, and our other leader, Nedda Soriano, is away in Perú, visiting her family.

We needn't have worried, though! Some faihful OUMCers show up and work hard, such as Beth, Connie, Deborah, Jerry, Marian, and two Marías. Roger, a regular helper who attends a different United Methodist Church, also joins us. Gina and Rob and their son, Eagle Scout Chris Ley show up, and two families of hard-working young people — the Careys and the Holsts — drive over from Orange to make things easier for us. These are the photos from this morning, when we distributed food to 117 local families on a very warm and sunny day.

The Carey and Holst families, plus Sara Holst's friend Helen, with Roger in the background.
Many years ago, Paul and Marci Carey were married at our church,
and they return frequently to participate and help out.
Here are Helen and Sara, who helped distribute a variety of goodies.
Hard-working Anna Holst. Tack så mycket för hjälpen, Anna!
Several of our helpers — Deborah, facing us, with Cash in front of her;
Connie is trying to figure out what's in that bottle she just unpacked.
Helen, Sara, Marian and Paul are on the right.
Jeanette is distributing onions.
We see Chris and Marci behind her.
One of our helpers made this house out of a box of gingerbread which was left over.
Here are the Carey and Holst children, plus Helen.
The two tall young men, Eric and Cole, attend El Modena High,
and are both on the swim team there.
Two weeks later, on February 20,
this was the fine group of volunteers from St. Jude's
food services department who turned out to help us distribute food.

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