Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
November 16, 2013 Food Distribution

November 16, 2013. It's the third Saturday of the month and we gather in our parking lot to distribute food to our neighbors. There's no organized volunteer group scheduled to come, but we are helped by many friends from our church and the neighborhood, including no less than five people from Boy Scout Troop #1201 — parents Rob and Gina, and scouts Kevin, Lee, and Chris. They are all good friends who frequently come to help and who are due to be back next month with their whole troop.

The Carey family is represented by another group of five. We thank Marci Carey for taking these pictures, which include her husband Paul, sons Cole and Cash, and sister-in-law Constance:

Constance and Paul are distributing red cabbage.
Cash is also distributing red cabbage.
Constance and Sharyl are bagging produce.
Cole delivers some of the last of the fresh pears.
Cole places some red onions in a neighbor's basket.
A food recipient writes, "Tonight's dinner brought to us by 2nd Harvest — Sauteed red cabbage with nature seasonings and parmesan. Potatoes with chicken sausage (not from 2nd Harvest), and garlic parmesan bread."

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