Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
October 21, 2017 Food Distribution

October 21, 2017. It's a beautiful sunny day in the OUMC parking lot, and we are joined by an enthusiastic, hard-working group of volunteers from St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, as we distibute food to 78 neighborhood families. These are the photos which one of those volunteers, Julie Ditsworth, snapped that day...
The St. Jude volunteers all wear blue or black T-shirts. That's OUMC's own Marilyn Haverstock in the middle of things, and Beth Robinson in her wheelchair on the right.
Bagging the groceries and getting them ready to give to our neighbors.
The OUMC webservant and Wolf Tolson are on the left in this photo.
A daughter of a St. Jude employee came to help out.
The work is done, and volunteers pose in front of the famous Second Harvest truck.

Thank you, everybody, for helping make this a smooth and successful distribution.

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