On Easter Sunday, 2015, Agape Café will be celebrating its 3rd Anniversary of serving a weekly Sunday morning breakfast to the least, the lost and the lonely; or as a matter of fact, for anyone else who wants a meal.

This year we will have a celebration of our Agape Café and all that God has done with this ministry. There will be a special meal, a drawing for a couple of door prizes that have been donated by another church, and fun at the tables with crayons and place-mats.

Come join us if you wish to help serve and enjoy this time together. We begin at 6am, but welcome any time that you can give.

Our Agape Café funds are down at this time because we have not received the anonymous donation of $300 for March that we receive every month. We also receive other monetary donations from members of our Churchfamily for which we are ever so grateful. We have been able to get packages of sausage links for 79 cents each from Albertsons, which is unheard of from any store; they are usually $1.99 and when on sale around $1.29. So we purchased a lot of them.

We are now able to shop directly at Second Harvest in Irvine early mornings when we have someone to travel there. Becky Barnes was able to go twice last week because she was on vacation. Our closet is full of all kinds of things and we got stew meat and ground beef for a small price. We also got 7 turkeys for FREE. Now we just have to get creative with what we serve. The last times we have gone, we have spent $60.00 each time which has filled Becky's trunk and back seat fully. If you want to see excitement just ask Richard Shea about the experience of shopping in a huge warehouse and picking up things that are free or at almost no cost. It really is exhilarating and we are very blessed.

We continue to receive coffee and cereal from our Churchfamily, which is awesome and we thank you for your participation from the bottom of our hearts.

Agape Café funds have helped us purchase our own plasticware and plates for over a year, so that we don't impact the Parish budget. We try to use our funds wisely and pick up on most of the sales around. Sometimes it's hard work to get creative with the food we are able to get, especially when we make something that takes cooking on Saturday. But when those guests exclaim how good the food was, and that they are so grateful for what we do for them, our hearts are strangely warmed and we praise God for the privilege of serving Him and our guests.

I think mostly what we need is a bit more help in the kitchen. For me personally, I'm tired of missing church on Sunday. I wish we could get a couple of Latinos to volunteer just one Sunday a month; or anyone else for that matter. Most of the time, if someone just came at 7:30 or 8am, at least the serving portion would be covered and then just clearing out the Fellowship Hall to help us put things away.

We have a "new kid on the block", Jon, who comes to us from our community. He saw Michael and Elizabeth at Jack-In-The Box at 6:30 one Sunday morning and asked them what they were doing out that early. They explained about Agape Café. Then in October, 2014, he came by our Fall Boutique where I was selling some artwork that two homeless men had done. He again asked more about Agape Café, and said he would like to donate some things. Well, I never saw him again until one Sunday morning about 4 weeks ago he was standing in our kitchen talking to Ernesto about our breakfast. Jon is now a regular, getting to Agape before most of us and usually starting on potatoes. He is a natural leader, awesome help and really nice guy. I believe God has been working on his heart for some time; and we are blessed to have this new addition to our team.

I would also like to thank all those who have volunteered recently: Gary Paguyo; Marian McGee (x3); Barbara Johnson; Carol Vogel; Chad McFarland; Forrest McFarland; Janice Fowler, who sang for them; Beth Robinson, who recited a poem that she had written; and Vern Nelson who plays the piano and sings. If I have missed anyone, I apologize, just let me know and you will be added to the list. We get so busy preparing food and serving, we forget who was there.

Serving Up Agape Love,
Sharyl Lewis
March 2015

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