Good Afternoon,

I notified you some weeks ago that we had lost our generous monthly donation of $300, so we are looking for creative ways to keep our costs down. Our yearly budgets have been around $7,500.

Amazing Grace is the song we sing, and thank you Lord for blessing Agape Café with abundance.

We got a notice last week that there was a supply of donations of deli products from Costco, so of course Becky Barnes and I were excited. That meant lunch meats!

So we ventured down to Second Harvest, in Irvine, on Monday afternoon about 2pm after Becky got off work. Luckily the traffic kept moving nicely. When we got there we found that if there had been lunch meats, they were gone, leaving us with other meat products at 3 cents per pound, unheard of and no limit on how much we could take.

Here's what we got that filled Becky's trunk and whole back seat:

I know there was more, just can't remember it now. The grand total that we paid is $36.00 for probably $400 worth of food. AMEN!

We were blessed in the fact that these goods were to be shipped to Hawaii, but due to a storm they donated them to Second Harvest, and we reaped the benefit.

A special thanks to Becky who donates her time and gas to make the trip each time we go. I can go along to help but she has to do most of the lifting and hauling and packing stuff in her car. Thanks, Becky, for helping us save money for Agape Café. And she really has fun doing this.

We're looking forward to making our first ever Agape Café kielbasa breakfast sandwiches with over-easy eggs and cheese, accompanied by Bobby's choice potatoes, and mixed fruit, cereal, coffee, and Capri Sun.

I'm also excited that Thanksgiving Sunday dinner is almost free. Chicken legs and thighs, mashed potatoes, blueberry crisp — almost free. Vegetables will be forthcoming. So if you see ads for chicken thighs at a good price please tell Becky or me. We just missed the 88 cents per lb. ones at Albertson's. We need about 100 thighs more, I know they will be on sale again.

Bless you all for your compassion and dedication to Agape Café. If you are awake early on a Sunday morning, we start preparing breakfast at 6am, serving at 7:30am. They are many things to be done to serve between 60 to 100 people. Some things are simple; some things are challenging, but it all comes together.

Come join us at any time between 6am and 9am if you enjoy serving those less fortunate.

We are a thrifty, creative, compassionate team that enjoys sharing the love of our Lord with our guests.

Serving Up Agape Love,
Sharyl Lewis
October 2015

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