As the Christmas season ends and a new year begins, the team at Agape Cafe would like to thank all who have so generously given of their time, talents and gifts to our ministry. Agape Cafe continues because of your generosity of monetary donations; gifts of cereal & coffee, etc.; and donations of clothing, personal necessities, shoes, clothing and blankets.

Thanks to Barbara Johnson and her sister for making the Christmas Stockings for our guests; Carol van Ahlers, Lynne Tsuda (and friends); and the OUMC Stitchers in the Spirit for decorating the stockings so creatively; to Carol Roberts, Mary Edwards, Connie Adams and Barbara Johnson (again) for helping with stuffing the stockings. We hope to have 80 stockings done by Sunday. Thanks also to our Church family who gave monetary donations and donations of items for the stockings; along with PEO Chapter QY and Foothills Pre-School in Orange, Marci Carey, Co-director.

We wish you could see the joy you bring to the Agape Family that we serve. We invite you to come sometime and help us serve breakfast. Even for just an hour of your time once a month to serve or clean up, your heart will be filled.

May your lives be blessed as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, God's precious gift to us. Jesus is the reason for the season, and the reason for every day of our lives and those we serve.

Serving Up Agape Love,
Sharyl Lewis for the Agape Team of:
Ernesto Mendivil,
Becky Barnes,
Ginger Cruz,
Joyce Dubois,
Deborah Shaler,
Maribel Soriano,
Jennifer Torres,
Richard Shea,
Bobby Smith,
Mike Torres
Christmas 2014

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