My father-in-law had a flock of sheep;
To keep them safe and happy was my job.
A Hebrew brought up in Pharaoh's great court,
I found strange peace within the woolly mob.

The flock and I went to Horeb's back side
To graze within the shadow of the mount.
We'd come there before to find the good grass
More times than you or I could ever count.

The dry desert air was rippled with heat;
The sun was high; no predator sought game.
And as I watched over the sheep and lambs,
A single bush burst brightly into flame.

I watched it, alert, for the flame could spread,
But soon I saw that just the one bush burned,
And 'neath the bright blaze the bush stood intact.
To see it better, from the path I turned.

And as I drew near this amazing sight
I heard a voice-it came from all around.
"Yes, Moses," it said, "come closer; but first
take off your shoes: you stand on holy ground."

A shepherd I was, and I am one still,
But more than sheep and lambs are in my hand.
I now lead the Children of Israel
From Egypt to their own, their Promised Land.

I wouldn't have thought I could do this thing,
But God said He would tell me what to say.
So now you are free, and it's all because
I stopped to watch a burning bush one day.

Beth Robinson
February 11, 1995

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