Atop a pole, a Christmas star
Shines on a scene that's quite bizarre.
The figures on my neighbor's lawn
Are animated, dusk to dawn.

The Baby Jesus catches eyes,
As naked in the straw he lies.
The Virgin Mother, rather stout,
Lays him inside, then lifts him out.

The donkey's tail moves back and forth;
He swings his head from south to north.
The camel chews his cud a bit,
And looks as if he's gonna spit.

The Wise Men three, in one accord,
Drop to their knees before the Lord.
The rise again, as trumpets blow,
Midst clouds of artificial snow.

An angel sings a glad noel
And rings a little silver bell.
His wings glow bright, in neon green,
A hue on which I'm not too keen.

Beside the Babe, in tall black boots,
A wooden soldier snaps salutes.
His arm has gone a little wild
And knocked to earth a shepherd child.

Across the lawn a flock of elves
Cavort and dance among themselves.
A snowman and his lady lass
Bounce up and down upon the grass.

A Christmas tree spins round and round,
Emitting a loud groaning sound.
The angle of its tilted trunk
Suggests it might be slightly drunk.

And on the rooftop, Santa Claus
Defies all gravitation laws
To dangerously swing and sway
Within his reindeer-driven sleigh.

Now, I'm not one to plan and plot
To sabotage this happy lot.
But I'd be hard-put not to scoff
If neighbor's power got cut off.

D. Elizabeth Robinson
Originally written 2007
Additions in 2013

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