I am the one and only God;
None before me shall you keep.
No image make of man or beast
From the land or ocean deep.
Nor fall you down and worship them,
For I'm careful of mine own.
Don't use my name to tell a lie,
Or in harsh or angry tone.
The sabbath day is one of rest—
Keep it holy; mark its worth.
And honor well the parents whom
I have given you on earth.
I am the only Life of man,
And that Life you cannot take.
Be faithful to your spouse and to
All the promises you make.
Take nothing from your neighbor, for
All you need you have from me.
And tell no lies in word or deed:
Speak and act in honesty.
Look not about with jealous eyes
At your neighbor's goods and land.
Love Me with all your heart and soul;
As yourself, your fellow man.

Beth Robinson
May 1, 1996

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