"What's On Your Bucket List?"
Or Leap List?

How many of you have some sort of bucket list? We have learned that a bucket list is the special things you want to accomplish before you "kick the bucket".

I googled bucket list and found that there is a site with just that name.

According to their motto which goes like this:

10,000 things to do before you die

You know all those things you swear you're going to do before you die? Bucketlist is where you go to keep track of them all.

Bucketlist is a social network, a warehouse of interesting stories, a way to kick-start your life goals.

Use your bucket list to jot down your life's ambitions, then tell the story once they've been accomplished. Can't you do that in any old text file on your desktop? Sure, but Bucketlist is more than just a glorified Notepad. It's a place where you can share your goals, and find inspiration in the accomplishments of others.

Yes, You don't have to be alone any longer with your bucket list, you can now share with the world at your convenience.

There is another new phrase started this year, I believe by Honda Corp. —  2012—Leap Year  and the phrase is  THE LEAP LIST: 

leap listThis is a shorter list and probably covers a shorter period of time. It's more for the younger crowd who want to do some things before they get engaged, married or start a family. In the commercial, you see the young man ask the young woman to marry him and her thoughts are bulleted to her right and her left—Oh, I wanted to go bungee jumping, or Oh, I wanted to climb the rock, or learn to play the bongos, and then she pauses, says yes, and they drive off in the Honda to pursue her leap list.

I then googled Spiritual Bucket List, and was pleasantly surprised to find it there in many forms: blogs, lists, and sermons. My message is not one of them, nor will you find it on Google.1

How many of you have a Bucket list, or a Leap list, or even a spiritual Bucket List? Can you share something from your list with us?

In much of the information, there runs a continuous thread "God's faithfulness and mercy are new every single morning!" How do we take that blessing, use it, and return praises to God?

Last weekend, Donna Daniels and I attended our 5th class in a course of study of 6 classes at School of Theology Lay Academy. Our speaker was United Methodist Pastor, Rev. William Johnson, founder of Lift Renewal Ministries in Whittier.

Attending this Lay Academy changes my life every time I attend.

Bill gave us a list of five things that I would like to share with you that might help you start a Spiritual Bucket List:

1. Be in love with, and, stay in love with God. How many of us love God? How many of us are "In Love" with God. Or does this purport an idea so different that we are not willing to visit. Some people think that we shouldn't love God like the way a man and woman love each other. Remember when you first get engaged or got married. You glowed in that new found love. If we shine in our love for God in that way, then I say let us SHINE on!!!

However you feel about your love of God, Jesus identified the first great commandment as the requirement to love God with all one's might and strength.

How do we maintain or enhance that love for God?


2. Listen for a sending call. Many people find a call in their lives. Sometimes it's in a career, or a second career, sometimes caring for a loved one beyond what our experience teaches us. One may be called to mission work out of the country, or locally with a food bank or feeding program. Spending time in prayer with God may help us ascertain where and when God calls us. For the time being and maybe longer, I feel I am working on my call.


Where the world's deepest needs meet your deepest longing
Is where mission begins = your call.

Right now, this phrase defines my CALL.

3. The third attribute that Rev. Johnson suggested is:

Abide in the place you are sent. Accept or act in accordance with your sending. With love, be unable to tolerate resistance to God's teachings. Make disciples, and let God transform them. Rev. Johnson suggests that the people you are to share the word of God with, are already on the path.

Here are several scriptures for study which you may want to write down if you choose.

4. Practice a life of servant obedience in that place that God has brought you to.

Let yourself be built. Ministry is not the checking off the boxes like your bucket list, but allowing God's Holy Spirit to do His work through you. Personal transformation always precedes social transformation. If you are manifesting "work in obedience" in that place, God will bless you.

The blessing that comes from that
is to KNOW God as fully as we are KNOWN by God.

That is an amazing feeling.


5. Remember to have sabbatical time. God is working on other people. Turn to them when you need a break. Connect there with God. We need to rest and remember that we are not God.

There is great health in accountability discipline of reporting on our fruitfulness. Join a Bible Study or other group to which you are accountable. For me, that group is Healing Body, Mind and Spirit on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. I am accountable to that group. I can share my joys and my frustrations and my sins without being judged. I receive support.

Share the success and triumphs of God's mission through you in your church in the form of a testimonies. It's not about bragging rights, when you share your journey with God to a group of other believers. It's about sharing God's Good News and how that is working in your life and the lives of others you touch. Remember the Body of Christ is blessed by an encouraging witness—The Good News.

Remember, what you do affects your church if you don't do it.

Someone else just might catch that FIRE also.

Our Lord had a goal while he was on earth, and no power of hell, nor scheme of man distracted him from that goal.Walking in His footsteps, I, too, have a goal. The goal is to do the will of the Father.

Daily, that goal is lived out through doing good to all, especially the family of believers or making believers of others,

In one of the blogs I visited a woman gives this list. Some lofty goals already accomplished.

  1. Visit the Holy Land.
  2. Win as many as possible to Christ /disciple them to maturity.*
  3. Stand against an adversary for Christ.*
  4. Become a prayer warrior.
  5. Wash the feet of believers.*
  6. Read through the entire bible.*
  7. Evangelize a city.
  8. Be a champion for the poor.
  9. Fast for an extended time.
  10. Contribute twice as much to the Lord for an entire year.
  11. Memorize an entire chapter of the bible.
  12. Find someone from my past and apologize.*
  13. Pay off everything and get out of debt. (Romans 13:8)
  14. Buy a pastor a suit.
  15. Love my husband with everything I am.
  16. Tell everyone that I love that I love them.*
  17. Bless a random family each month for an entire year.
  18. Forgive someone.*
  19. Use my spiritual gift to the fullest.*

I like this quote from J. S. Baxter:

What God chooses, He cleanses. What God cleanses, He molds. What God molds, He fills. What God fills, He uses.

Every morning, I have the opportunity to remember God's faithfulness. I have the opportunity to step out and achieve the goals that transform me more and more into the likeness of Christ. Every morning I can make a fresh start. We can make a fresh start.

I don't know if I have inspired any of you to start a Spiritual Bucket List. All God asked me to do was plant a seed. What you do with this is strictly between you and God. But I hope you will share with others in any journey or victory you experience with which you are blessed.

Please repeat this with me if you will:


When we stand before You, O God, at the end of our lives, may You find it pleasing for us to say "We don't not have a single bit of talent left because we used everything you gave us."


Sharyl Lewis
May 2012

1 One of the "spiritual bucket lists" which Sharyl found was prepared by Walter Jacobson. You can see it HERE!

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