Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
2010 Father's Day Dinner

Just a few of the glamourous "rain forest goddesses" who helped prepare and serve the meal:

Sheri LaRoche, with . . .
Faye Dillon and . . .
Barbara Johnson — service with a smile!

And the guys who enjoyed the exotic feast served up by the goddesses and serving girls:

Tom & Joseph
Tom Horngren and Joseph LaRoche, with Troy and Cooper Miller in the background Carey boys
The Carey boys — Chuck, Paul and Dave
los Morales
The Morales boys — Greg and Carmelo Al & Maurice
Al Fowler and Maurice Dillon
McGee boys
The McGee boys — Jimmy and Jim
Powell boys
The Powell boys — Rusty and Tex
Dean Sowell, who got out of the hospital just in time for the dinner
Joseph, donning a grass skirt for a relay race

Thank you, Janice Fowler, for taking these pictures!

June 19, 2010. The ever resourceful and creative Sharyl Lewis organizes an All-male Amazing Survivor Race Father's Day dinner.

Here are some of the dads and boys who celebrated that night. Sharyl, assisted by her crew of Rain Forest Goddesses, served us a meal fit for kings. After dinner, the guys competed in various contests of skill, endurance and agility, such as the relay race you see Joseph preparing for on the left. Greg won the hula hoop contest by a big margin over Rusty and Dave.

Thank you, Sharyl, and all your helpers, for making the evening a big success!

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