When we first started attending a church in Fullerton we selected seats in the front part of the sanctuary and had been sitting in them ever since. Then one Sunday the whole row was already taken when we arrived at church. Someone had taken our place. It was the family of the lady who played beautiful music on her violin for us. We were glad that her family had taken our place.

The last time I was at the Dentist office I had waited for over a hour to be called when the receptionist immediately allowed a man that just arrived to see the Dentist. I asked her why he was able to see the Dentist so quickly while I had been waiting so long. She said, "He was a school bus driver and only had a few minutes between trips and he had broken his false teeth and they were going to temporarily fix them which only took a few minutes." He took my place. I had no time limit on my schedule so I was glad they could accommodate him so quickly. I didn't want little kids waiting on the corner for a late bus.

Did you ever have someone jump in ahead of you in the parking lot and take the spot near the door that you were intending to take. Yesterday, that happened to me, someone took my place, but when I saw the severely handicapped man get out of the car, I was glad he had taken my place because he needed it more than I did.

Recently, my friend and I went to a restaurant for lunch and we had hoped to be seated by the window, but the hostess led others to that table and they took our place. Later, when the waitress poured hot coffee for them some of it spilled on the one that had taken my place and I was so thankful not to be sitting in that seat. In life we find many times someone has taken "our place" and we are agitated by it.

Always remember that someone took our place on the cross to save us from our sins. He gave us eternal life and that someone was JESUS. HE LOVED US SO MUCH THAT HE TOOK OUR PLACE. I will never again complain when someone takes my place. I will think about Jesus' sacrifice for me by giving me the gift that I most treasure. "FOR BY GRACE WE HAVE BEEN SAVED THROUGH FAITH, AND NOT OF YOURSELVES; IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD AND NOT OF WORKS" — Eph 2:8

This gift is our reason for celebrating EASTER. Let Jesus take a place in your heart. A heart that beats with love and thankfulness for His sacrifice for you. BY FAITH WE ARE BLESSED WITH ETERNAL LIFE. Let us praise God for EASTER and the RESURRECTION OF JESUS OUR SAVIOUR.

Fern McCallum

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