May is the month when we finally know spring is here because the lilacs and roses are in bloom and we hear the mocking birds singing. God has provided us with such wonderful things every month, but I especially like the month of May. When I was young and lived in Missouri on the first day of May we made little construction paper "May Baskets" and picked flowers and sometimes a dandelion to put in them and deliver to our friends house. This was a tradition of showing love for our friends and receiving love from them. Matthew 22:39 — Jesus said "You shall love your neighbors as yourself."

Also, the fourth Commandment is the Bible says: " Honor your Father and Mother." We honor and pay tribute to our Mothers, Grandmothers, and other women who have been like a Mother to us the second Sunday in May. I remember we always went to my Great-Grandmother's house on Mother's Day and she always served home made lemon ice cream for desert. It was a day of joyful celebration with many relatives.

There is no way we can list all the things Mother took and gave to her family. She gave us love and gentle guidance by teaching us how to live a life that enabled us to keep out of trouble, to be successful in our endeavors, and conquer our fears by faithful trust in God. She took hours of her time taking care of us, taking us to the Doctor, taking us to school and drying our tears when we needed her hugs and kisses to relieve the stress in our lives.

My Mother taught my sister and me our first prayer and listened to us as we said it every night. She taught us that God loves us and is always with us. She took us to Sunday School and Church. She prayed that we would have faith and believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. My wonderful Grandmother sang hymns to us until the Lord took her home at the age of 89. She grieved over the loss of 3 children, but she never lost faith in God. We were each given a Mother, Grandmother, or someone to care for us. Some one who loved us and cherished us. Not for what we looked like, but like God, for what was in our hearts.

It was God's plan to provide every child with a lifetime of tenderness, patience and love. God has provided for laughter and healing, for strength and forgiveness. It has been said that Mother's are Angels without wings. I do feel that description fit my Mother and Grandmother. And I thank God for blessing me with two sons and four grandchildren. Yes, May is one of my favorite months.

Fern McCallum

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