A little girl, named Rosie, who attends the school where I volunteered recently lost her thirty year old Dad to a heart attack. I happened to be at school on the first day she returned. She had been crying and the teacher asked me to sit with her on the sofa and read to her or tell her stories.

But, I was not allowed to mention God, Jesus or Heaven. Now, I wondered, how can you comfort a little child without mentioning God's love for her and her family. I put my arm around her and read her a story first and then I told her about my grandchildren. I told her how beautiful she was, how pretty her blouse and shorts were. I told her about my granddaughter's pet snake that had escaped it's cage and was hiding somewhere in her bedroom.

All the time, I was thinking how much more comfort and peace I could have given her if only I had been allowed to tell her about how much God loved her. And how he had provided a way so that someday we would be in Heaven with our loved ones. Reading and telling her stories to keep her mind off her father's death was like putting a small band-aid on a wound that really needed stitches to heal. I longed to tell her about God's promise to take care of her and heal her broken heart.

The laws have taken "Mary's Little Lamb" out of schools. Jesus stands at the door and knocks, but the law says the door must remain closed preventing our children from talking about the love, comfort, guidance, strength and hope that His words bring.

I believe God walks beside us no matter where we are. And yet the place where our children spend most of their day is "off limits" to His words. Our children who are in desperate need of knowing about God's love and Christian values are denied hearing this during their time at school. So instead they turn to drugs and alcohol for a substitute to heal their wounds and give them false peace. I think, is this why disobedience and violence are so rampant in our schools today?

Let us make the time to tell each child we meet about our Savior Jesus and pray each day that they will find Him as they enjoy the wonderful world He has created for them. And when they attend school no one will be able to close the door to Him as He will be residing in their hearts.

Through faith and prayer we can make this happen. I'll be down on my knees and I hope you will join me.

Fern McCallum

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