May is the month that we celebrate Mother's Day. They are our Angels without wings. God has provided us with such wonderful things every month, but I especially like May. It is the month when the lilacs and roses are in full bloom and we hear the mocking birds singing. When I was young and lived in Missouri, on the first day of May we made little construction paper "May Baskets" and picked flowers and sometimes a dandelion to put in the baskets and deliver to our friend's house. This was a tradition of showing love for our friends and receiving love from them.

Also, the fourth Commandment in the Bible says "Honor your Father and your Mother." We honor our Mothers, Grandmothers, and other women who have been like a Mother to us the second Sunday in May.

We pay tribute to these women for all the things they have done for us in our lives. Remembering their love for us by taking us to school, to doctor appointments, providing us with clothes and a home to live in and for showing us how to live our lives by using God's lessons written in our Bibles. She taught us that God loves us and is always with us. She is some one who loves us and cherishes us not for what we look like, but like God for what is in our hearts.

It was God's plan to provide every child with a lifetime of tenderness, patience, and love. God has provided for laughter and healing. For strength and forgiveness. That is why He made Mothers. May God bless all our Mothers and Grandmothers this month and every month. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Your Sister in Christ
Fern McCallum

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