Help For Children

I would like to share my visit to the "The Big Show" fund raiser that I attended in Fellowship Hall on the 20th of April. I walked in to the hall and was pleasantly surprised to see how beautifully decorated it was. There were colorful table cloths on all the tables with gold and silver beads and decorations in the center of each table. On one side of the hall there were many items that you could win by putting your raffle tickets in the sacks placed in front of each item. One item was a huge stuffed bear. There were over 20 other items to choose from. The other side of the hall held a Popcorn Machine, various candy bars, tamales, salad, chips and several types of beverages and food on a long table.

In the middle of the entrance were two women who painted faces. Almost every little girl had her face painted. Needless to say there were several smiling women and men there to greet and help you.

"The Great Raguzi" was the name the magician putting on the show called himself. This was by far the best AND MOST AMAZING show of this type I have ever seen. The best thing about his show was that he called children from the audience to help him with his performances. When a snake rose out of a basket on the table beside him I almost dashed for the door. They were delighted and so were their parents. He even dedicated a portion of his show to advising "You To Not Do Drugs." I felt this was an important lesson especially for the young people in the audience.

I won a beautiful picture frame as the "Door Prize" and two picture albums, also a gift of Avon cosmetics with a little pink bag to keep them in. It is not the things I won that impressed me the most, but the fact that this program is helping so many children have a better life. Many of their parents are unable to help them with their lessons and I am so thankful that we are dedicated to helping the most needy through the Learning Center and other caring programs.

I was a school secretary for 20 years and I spent many of my lunch hours helping several children with their lessons. One boy surprised me by coming to my home with a bouquet of flowers when he was grown and in the Navy. He came to thank me for helping him with his lessons when he was a child needing help to succeed.

I was overjoyed to see all the little children so happy to be part of this special day for their benefit. I feel it is a Christ inspired project and I am sure you will be blessed when you attend their next fundraiser.

Your sister in Christ,
Fern McCallum
April 2013

Fern and Alexander
Fern McCallum and Alexander (The Great) Raguzi

In November 2013, the Learning Center had another fundraiser in which Fern was once again an enthusiastic participant, bringing a dozen friends and winning several prizes in the raffle. You'll see pictures of her, along with the other friends who helped make this event a success, in the OLC photo album. Thank you, Fern, for all you've done over the years to support our ministries!

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