Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
2014 Fireworks Sale

Daughter and mother, Grace and Mercy, both of them OLC teachers. That's Bobby again, peeking over Grace's shoulder.
Gaby, with two of our younger helpers, Karen, our teacher who is a senior at Fullerton High, and Dalia, who is Gaby's sister and a student at Nicolas Junior High. People under 18 aren't allowed to be inside a fireworks stand, but we kept Karen and Dalia busy roaming the shopping center, handing out flyers to people.
Patricia, with Karen and Dalia
NOCCCA helpers Lee and Karen
Patricia and Will
Ginger, an Agape Café volunteer, with that big "Backyard Bash" package

July 1-4, 2014, we have another gigantic fireworks sale. This time, it's at the corner of Brookhurst and Orangethorpe, right in our own neighborhood, where we're able to sell every single piece of merchandise. The proceeds of the sale will support:

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