Goodbye, Scott and Louise

Dear Scott and Louise,

Was it only yesterday we went to a Parish Group meeting at Bob and Jean Lindsay's home to welcome our new pastor and her husband? Time certainly does fly when you're having fun and we've had a lot of wonderful moments over the past three years getting to know both of you...

The Disciple Bible Study was a real inspiration and an opportunity for growth.

Scott's communiqués via the Internet always injected a big dose of mirth into our lives. Remember George Goble's barbecue?

His leadership of the Evangelism work area was forceful and dynamic and laid the foundation for Orangethorpe's future growth.

We always learned something new from Louise's Sunday sermons as she delved into the background of each Scripture passage and taught us things we had never known before.

The two of you worked together beautifully as a team, never running out of enthusiasm, providing us with new insights and encouragement for everything we did.

Your support for programs to meet the most urgent needs of the people in our neighborhood, such as the Learning Center and Hot Meal Ministry, reflected your very deep compassion.

Both of you became instant friends to all the children with whom you came in contact. Our granddaughters will never forget "Storyteller Louise" coming to Vacation Bible School and Children's Outreach Ministry.

Thanks for these and many, many more memories! We wish you nothing but the best in everything you both do. God bless you!

Chuck and Jeanette Carey
June 1997

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