Hot Meal Ministry - Team OUMC in Action!

Here are some photos which have been taken over the years of people from Orangethorpe United Methodist Church serving dinner to the people of our neighborhood as a part of our involvement in Hot Meal Ministry. Ever since September 1993, the fourth Monday of each month finds a hard-working group of people from our church preparing, serving and cleaning up after a meal down the street at Orangethorpe Christian Church. Most of these photos were taken by our regular team member Janice Fowler.

We invite you to come join us on any fourth Monday.

Tom serving June 2013. Our minister, Rev. Tom Tran often joins us to serve dinner. Here he is, dishing up the main dish. We served 175 people that night.
pizza And here's Chuck, helping himself to a piece of some delicious pizza donated by a local restaurant.
Katella girls February 2013. Sometimes we're joined by groups of young people from local schools. Here are Mariana, Stephanie and Jessica, from Katella High School. Since their school is in Anaheim, they thought it would be appropriate to don mouse ears for this occasion.
group Christmas Eve 2012. Our serving team gathers for prayer before opening the doors to more than 150 guests.
GR kids Our good friend Steve Park brings a group of kids from the Grace River UMC Sunday school classes to help us set up, then to serenade our guests with The Twelve Days of Christmas.
John Van Ahlers is home from college and joins us in the serving line. Thank you John!
Barb The next four photos are from October 2012. Here's John's grandmother, Barbara Johnson, one of our most enthusiastic workers and supporters for many years.
kitchen crew Chef Giovanni González and the kitchen crew, getting dinner ready for 200+ guests.
Al & Jan Photographer and friend.
Tom & servers This evening Pastor Tom Tran joins us on the serving line.
Al & Gio Janice shot the next three photos in September 2011. Here are two of our most enthusiastic guys, Al and Giovanni.
helpers Giovanni has dinner in the oven and Chuck, Lois, Mary and Jeanette are awaiting the arrival of more than 150 dinner guests. Later, we learned that one of the meals we served that night was the 150,000th served since the inception of Hot Meal Ministry.
helpers Here are some more helpers – Jan, Jo and Barb.
chefs The next few photos are from January 2010, while others date back a few years:

The chefs here are Stan Ault and Giovanni González. Stan's "last hurrah", before passing the chef's duties to Giovanni, was May 24, 2010, when Team OUMC served dinner to 224 people.
more chefs Jo Menely, Barbara Martindale and Mary Edwards
Jan & Mary Jan Ault and Mary Edwards
working Jan and Mary, working!
kitchen scene A few minutes before 7:00pm, Connie Adams and Kathy Ramsey, on the right, arrive to carry out a very important task...
Kathy We're not done serving a meal until we leave the OCC fellowship hall spotless. Here's Kathy, wielding a mop.
servers Serving this meal are regular team members Marian McGee, Jeanette Carey and, seated at the end of the table, the late Mary Harvey. Standing in the doorway behind her is chef Stan. We always have lots of help from friends of the ministry, such as the two young people you see in the serving line.
serving line On the serving line in this photo are Martha Hyde, Marian McGee, and Chuck and Jeanette Carey.
Al Al Fowler is our friendly bartender, serving milk, punch or coffee with a smile.
Max For many years, the late Max Hyde was Al's bartending buddy.


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