Hot Meal Ministry - 2015

Here are some 2015 photos of Team OUMC, serving dinner at our neighbor church, Orangethorpe Christian Church, as a part of Hot Meal Ministry:

serving Our cook, Roberto, who is also in charge of our Saturday morning food distributions.
Hot Meals Barb, Jeanette and Jan, in the kitchen
Hot Meals Our photographer, plus Mary, Jeanette and Barb
Hot Meals A "selfie" which includes Jo, Janice, Joseph and Mary
Hot Meals A different Barb, doing the dishes
serving The food is in the oven, and two of our most faithful kitchen helpers, Barb and Jeanette, are relaxing.
3ladies Three other faithful kitchen helpers who have been a part of Hot Meal Ministry since its beginning, Jan, Mary and Jo.
Barb Barb has also been serving in this ministry for a long time.
serving Roger is a member of another United Methodist church, but is very active in ministries at OUMC, such as the food distributions and Orangethorpe Learning Center. He also helps out in Hot Meal Ministry on other Monday nights. Thank you for all your help over the years, Roger!

These pictures were taken by Janice Fowler, who has been serving regularly in Hot Meal Ministry for many years. We hope she'll send us more photos depicting this important ministry. Your photos are also welcome.

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