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At our Church Council meeting on Tuesday, May 28, there was discussion about transients. For your information, we request that all the guests who come to Agape Café for breakfast on Sunday mornings at 7:30am not sleep on the premises; and they respect our rules. That is about 60-95 people on any given Sunday.

However, that leaves another 200-300 homeless and indigent walking the streets in Fullerton, and they don’t know our rules. They are just looking for someplace to be out of the weather and be safe. But, we have rules for a reason.

So, here’s how YOU can help.

  1. I pray that at all times, we practice the Golden Rule.
  2. If someone approaches you for money, be compassionate, but firm that you cannot help them. They can check with the church office for further services.
  3. If you see someone sleeping in and around our buildings, we ask that you call Manny Ferrer, our office manager and Parish Facilities Coordinator, and report the exact location perhaps with a description, if you can, and Manny will take care of the situation.
  4. We may never solve this problem, but we can do our best to keep it in check.
  5. I hope you will take pride in the fact that we have an amazing program for helping feed those less fortunate than ourselves; and that every Sunday, without fail, we bless someone’s life in a special way or help with a need; and that blesses the team that diligently commits to this program every week.

This will help everyone feel safer, and hopefully start to decrease this problem.

Serving up Agape Love,
Sharyl Lewis, Lay Leader and
Agape Café Team Member.
For OUM Church Council

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