Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
Laity Sunday 2013 – Part I

Tex looks over the array of hats and ties
which we make available to those who need them.
Trieu leads us in the call to worship. Although the projector is turned off, we do keep the sound turned on.
singing hymns
Father and son — Gary and Ethan read the Apostles' Creed from the Methodist Hymnal.
singing hymns
Husband and wife — Richard and Susan sing from the hymnal. The opening hymn is "Many Gifts, One Spirit", #114 in the Methodist Hymnal.
choir singing
Our choir sings as beautifully as they dress. This morning's anthem is "Let Us Serve Him", by Don Besig and Nancy Price.
Linda reads Scripture.
Gary and Sunshine are responsible for the children's moment. Those are their daughters, Callista and Kelsey, with them.
An attentive group of listeners. Most of these young people are members of the confirmation class, who will soon be joining our church.

Photography by Rev. Tom Tran

October 20, 2013. It's Laity Sunday. Our lay people get to plan and present the entire worship service. We decide to make it especially memorable by simulating the worship environment of our childhoods, or of our parents' childhoods. A few days before this event, the following message goes out to our congregation:

This Sunday, we are taking a stroll down memory lane! Can you remember when the terms "Sunday go to meetin'" and "Sunday best" referred to the clothes which we saved to wear to church on Sunday? Those were the guys' best looking ties, pressed suits, and shined shoes, and the gals' best dresses, high heels, stockings, gloves, etc. Well, let's take a brief trip backwards in time to bring back the memories of our childhood. We're asking our congregation to help us recreate those glorious days of yesteryear by dressing the part -- dresses for the ladies, and suits and ties for the gentlemen.

There will be no slides or PowerPoint show. It'll all be in the order of worship. We'll be singing from our hymnals. Will the sound system be turned on? Will the choir wear its robes? Join us this Laity Sunday and find out!

Laity Sunday Part II
Read today's message, presented by Donna Daniels

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