Landscaping Updates

Thanks to Jo Menely, Jeanette Carey, Barbara Johnson and John van Ahlers, all of the work on the white rock around the bases of the palm trees has been finished. The rocks cover special ground cloth designed to allow water to get to the palms, but keep out the weeds. Please encourage any children around the rocks to be good watchdogs and keep all the rocks in their circles. It will require some policing for awhile. The plants around the posts by Fellowship Hall have been purchased and will be planted ASAP. If you can help, please call me at 714.526.4522.

Barbara Johnson

There have been some exciting changes being made to the landscaping around the sanctuary and fellowship hall. This has all been made possible through donations from Jan Oehrke and from the David Johnson, Florence Cheney and Jerry Moreland memorial funds. All of this is an effort to improve the appearance of the church overall and to make the church look special for the 55th anniversary party in November.

Help would be most appreciated by anyone able to pull weeds, water and even donate additional funds for plants. The cypress trees and the large bird of paradise by Fellowship Hall have been pruned and shaped by the parish. The Latino Ministry will be taking care of several different areas, keeping them planted, watered, weeded and the trash cleaned up. The posts areas along the kitchen and Learning Center have been cleaned out and will soon be replanted.

This is an ongoing job and comments and suggestions are welcome. Several comments were made in the survey about the appearance of the church and we are trying to address this and would appreciate knowing your response to the work being done.

Please volunteer to help us if you are willing and able.

Barbara Johnson

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