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wolf "It is not the thing you do, dear,
It's the thing you left undone;
Which gives you a bit of heartache
at the setting of the sun!"

THANKS to Margaret Sangster, wherever she is today. So long ago since she'd passed away and these immortal lines of hers have stayed with me still since those bygone days of my youth in grade school. Thanks, indeed, for it is true that it is not the big or impossible things, that will haunt our bitter memories. It is those small things, those deeds of kindness we ignored, those sweet words of phrase we just left unsaid!

Thoughts like these come to mind in times when we are in deep thought, or when alone by ourselves keenly aware of some things we sorely missed or messed up, or especially when we are in the sanctuary.

Oh, yes, the sanctuary! Just by the word itself, the sanctuary is a very special place! Everything that is done or said in the sanctuary is intended to direct our thoughts heavenward.

Unfortunately, though, and this is rather sad - so very sad that there have got to be so many of us that leave things in the sanctuary that we will regret someday, "the Day of small things." This is a quote from God's holy Word itself. This is from Zechariah 4:10. And the wisest man King Solomon put it even more fittingly when he said, "It is the little foxes that spoil the vines" (Song of Songs 2:15).

When we enter the sanctuary on Sunday's worship, we notice that the pew hymnals are there; the offering envelopes are properly stacked; the pencils are sharpened and in place. But now, may we ask, has anyone ever asked why these things are all so neatly in proper order? Have all these things happened just by sheer chance? Has anybody ever thought that there is at least one who sees to it that the sanctuary is really the sanctuary of the Lord?

In all likelihood, these questions have never crossed any worshiper's mind at all, for if so, then why are our pencils broken? Why are the offering envelopes torn apart? And why are the hymnbooks strewn all over the place?

To be sure, some of us have at least noticed all this mess during the time when we are supposed to be worshiping the Lord? Or, say, thereafter?

There is a day when even "every idle word," says Jesus our Lord, will be accounted for! (Matthew 12:36). They will never be forgotten. Yes, these 'little' have great consequences!

Those of us who see these things from the corner of our eye, we must remember to love those who do these things. For God's Word says, (Proverbs 27:5) an "open rebuke is better than secret love."

Remember "the day of small things." Are you those "foxes that spoil the vines" of the sanctuary of God? If you are not, and yet you see these things happening and you don't do a thing or say something - you are an accessory to the sin that is being committed in the very house of God!

Now here is my parody to Margaret Sangster...

"It is not the thing you do, dear,
That which you can't ever undo,
Which gives you a ton of heartache
The split second you will go!"

Manny Ferrer
September 2013

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