Your Gift will be Arriving Soon!

BethlehemDear Friends,

Luke 21:25-36 tells us to be watching for the signs of Christ's coming, his return to this world. This passage tells us to "lift up your heads" because "your redemption is drawing near."

We can live with this orientation and expectation because of what God has already done – in Jesus.

You think of it this way – do you remember how exciting it is to receive a little postcard announcing that a gift will soon be shipped to you, and that it's given to you by a friend?

We're excited and we enjoy the waiting! We haven't fully received the entire gift yet – but we know it's coming.

And we know it's coming because we're received the communication – the message.

This eager anticipation is what Advent is all about. We've received the message – the logos of God – Jesus born for us! So now we can live out each and every day looking up, looking around, watching for the signs of his kingdom at work in our lives – watching for the return of Christ to fulfill history's best dreams.

Friends, you have a gift coming! "Your redemption is drawing near!" May all the blessings of God's perfect gift fill your heart and your home this holiday season.

"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another." — John 1:16.

Manny Ferrer
December 2013

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