Our Trip to México

Vicente Guerrero (see map) is about a five-hour drive through Baja south of the border, past Tijuana and Ensenada:

The scenery was beautiful as we drove toward the orphanage (Foundation For His Ministry) with our team from Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Our team was particularly small and included Chad, Kendall, a Nurse Practitioner, a Nurse, and a previous staff member of the orphanage:

This made our team quite unique. Chad, being the only one without a specialty, joined the assignments of another group that had also come to serve at the orphanage.

Among his groundskeeping duties, Chad got to mow the lawns.

The orphanage property, referred to as "the mission" by those who live there, is 72 acres in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. We heard story after story of the miraculous ways God has worked in and through this mission. The mission is clearly impacting and serving the community in huge ways. One of the beautiful things about this place, is that they utilize everyone's giftings, strengths and the words they hear from the Lord, by giving them tools to maximize what God is doing through them.

Many branches of ministry have stemmed from this obedience including, but not exclusive to a mechanic shop, a wheelchair shop, a fire station (the only one for miles around), a macadamia orchard and processing center, a health and dentistry clinic, and a disability center. Other amazing ministries off campus include outreaches to refugees, outreaches to "the dumps", a men's home for recovering addicts, and they have one of the only three ambulances for miles and miles around. The "volunteers" are really an extension of the orphanage's ministry abroad. It was humbling and a huge blessing that they allowed us to join them and spend a little time with their children.

Chad was put to task on groundskeeping and went on several outreaches while Kendall was part of the house-visit healthcare team:

Kendall in blue, serving with other nurses in a home

Both Kendall and Chad had the opportunity to babysit at the orphanage. The configuration of the orphanage is as close to a family structure as it can safely be. There are different "houses" for each age group and gender. For each house, there are "house parents". We, the volunteers, babysat for the house parents for a couple hours to give the parents an opportunity to have a date-night.

One of the children from the community playing with the dog while his Tio receives care from the nurses

It was eye-opening to be included and welcomed into so many homes during health care visits and community outreaches. We were blessed to dive right into the community and see their needs. One of the most rewarding parts of serving with Foundation For His Ministry was knowing that the impact of our being there and the outreach, service, kindness and truth was not going to leave with us. The ministries are sustainable and continue to impact the community.

For more information about Foundation for His Ministry you can visit www.ffhm.org.

Chad and Kendall McFarland
July 2017: