Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
Methodist Miscellany 2012

Here are just a few of the wonderful women of our church — Ellen, Laverne, Pat, Zolena, Jo, Margaret and Mary. This photo may actually have been taken in 2011, but we'll keep it with these 2012 pictures for now. Bible study
During November and December, Pastor Tom taught a weekly Advent Bible study class, using as a textbook Christmas is Not Your Birthday, by Mike Slaughter. Your webservant enjoyed attending, but was under the weather for the final session when this class photo was taken. Vern & Barb
Rev. Vern and Barb Story, who have been a welcome part of our church ever since Vern retired from the active ministry. Tru
Our praise band's guitarist, Trieu Le, who seems to be truly enjoying himself. Joseph & Sheri
Sheri and Joseph LaRoche. after
After church, we sometimes adjourn to a nearby eatery for food and fellowship, after
including Wendy and her mom Margaret... after
Or we hang out in our Fellowship Hall. Here are Connie, Barb and Wendy, after
Margaret, Dorothy, Lois, Ginny and Jan having coffee, after
and some more of our longtime parishioners – Zolena, Pat, Sharyl, Rosary and Dean. Donna & Marķa
We say goodbye to Gail Albright. That's Gail in the background, with Donna Daniels and Marķa Mendivil closer to the camera.

Here are some pictures of Orangethorpe UMC people taken at various times during 2012 in a variety of settings by Steve Joe, Janice Fowler and Pastor Tom Tran.

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