Orangethorpe United Methodist Church:
Methodist Miscellany 2016

We Methodists enjoy gathering after Church for a time of fellowship, so naturally a lot of these photos were taken in our Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, December 11, Christmas is fast approaching, there are poinsettias on the tables, and many of us, like Margaret Padrick and Barbara Johnson, are wearing bright red or purple outfits.
Zolena Clark joins them.
Mary Edwards is selling bags of 15-bean soup to benefit Pathways of Hope, a local charity which OUMC has supported for many years.

What else happened on December 11th?
Sunday, August 28, we gather to say goodbye and Godspeed to Dennis Adloff, who is returning home to Texas.
In a picture taken two weeks ago, Rev. Dennis Adlof, with Zolena Clark and Pat Houck
Sunday, August 14, happens to be Wendy Lenaburg's birthday, so Wendy treats us all to lunch after Church.
Wendy, serving Donna Daniels
Yadira and Paco Ziga, flanked by Yadira's mother, Mrs. Barboza, and by Jeanette Carey
Pat, Kristi, Jan and Carol

Sunday, July 17. Here are two of this morning's attendees, Barb and Jo.
Wendy and Jan. Where was this photo taken?
Sunday, April 10. In this photo taken by Ernesto Mendivil, we see what happens in the OUMC Fellowship Hall way before most of us arrive to worship — Agape Caf!
January. Where we worship. This photo of the beautiful altar in our Sanctuary was taken by Beth Robinson.

It's been a while since we assembled a page of "Methodist miscellany". So here's our collection of miscellaneous 2016 photos, mostly taken by Janice Fowler.

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