This help page is devoted to answering any questions you might have about OUMC's newsletter, The Net. It will be updated as necessary.

In January 2007, we changed THE NET from html to pdf format. If you're looking for help with issues of The Net published before 2007, please visit our old help page.

Q -- What is this pdf thing, anyway?

A -- According to an article I found in the Wikipedia online encylopedia:

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open file format created and controlled by Adobe Systems, for representing two-dimensional documents in a device independent and resolution independent fixed-layout document format.

Q -- Oh. That's nice. But what does it mean?

A -- It means there are certain files, such as the recent editions of The Net, which can only be opened if you have a program supplied by Adobe Systems called Adobe Reader, formerly known as Acrobat Reader.

Q -- Okay. So what's the difference between current issues and what we used to receive?

A -- Here are some differences:

Q -- I can't access the new NET. What do I need to do?

A -- Try downloading and installing Adobe Reader from HERE. Good luck!

Q -- Can I read the NET on my mobile device?

A -- Maybe! One of our readers tells us she has trouble viewing the NET on her iPod Touch. It seems the device tries to display the whole big pdf file, all 6 or 8 pages, on its tiny screen. There's no way to zoom in and look at just one part of it. This may also happen on the iPhone. We're still waiting to hear from users of other types of mobile devices, e.g. BlackBerry. If anybody knows how to get around this problem, please let us know!

Q -- What are some of the problems, or issues, which need to be ironed out?

A -- Here are a few...

What should be in the NET, anyway? That's probably the most important question we should be asking. We need to determine just what sort of information we wish to make available to:

Please make your ideas and opinions known to me, to our pastors, and to the Church Council.

There are really no issues which are unresolvable. It is my hope that, by bringing up these questions, we'll be able to come up with a product which will increase our Church's visibility on the World Wide Web and which will provide a useful and helpful service to churchfamily members.

Your comments are welcome! Please send me e-mail to let me know what you think.

Chuck Carey

your OUMC webservant

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