New Flags - July 2017

July 26, 2017. We have a ceremony in the front parking lot for the retiring of the tattered old American and Christian flags, and the raising of the new flags.

The American Flag is being raised in memory of Jim Clark whose passion it was for there to be a lighted American flag on our campus; his family has kept that passion alive since his death. Our Christian flag has always been a symbol of our faith to the community.

Participants include Jim's wife, Zolena Clark, a founding member of our church; their son, Ted; Rusty Powell, representing the Marine Corps; Pastor John McFarland and the children of our Pre-School.

What an honor to share this special time with all who can attend, especially to see the children present and to honor Jim Clark's memory! Beth Robinson took these beautiful photos and videos of this event which we have copied from her Facebook page.

See video #1

See video #2

Old flags:

Old flags
New flags:

New flags

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