One Way - Winter Camp 2015!

Here are some photos which Pastor Paul Park, and others, took over the long New Years Day weekend at the beginning of 2015 when a couple of dozen young people from Orangethorpe and Grace River United Methodist Churches gathered for a weekend in the snow at Mountain Meadows. In case you didn't already know, our youth group is known as One Way!

If you went on this winter weekend outing, and would like to give your own feedback on this page and its pictures, please let me hear from you! Your comments are welcome! Each photo has its number in case you'd like to comment on a specific picture.
1 way 01. Packing — In the church parking lot, getting ready to go.
1 way 02. Pastor Paul says, "We're about ready to hit the road. Let's pray!"
1 way 03. Are you ready, girls?
1 way 04. After we arrive at camp.
1 way 05. What is he working on?
1 way 06. Is Valeria dancing?
1 way 07. Drummer man.
1 way 08. Friday night, Pastor John joins us and does what he loves to do — preach!
1 way 09. Jen & Laisha. Did they just finish vacuuming?
1 way 10. We gather in the living room, wearing our "One Way" jackets.
1 way 11. Dinner time.
1 way 12. A group photo on the stairway. "One way!"
1 way 13. Was this a meeting, or something less serious?
1 way 14. Pastor Paul and the group.
1 way 15. Martha & Isaac.
1 way 16. Paul and the youth.
1 way 17. Another gathering. Chad and Kim are enjoying it.
1 way 18. Donna Daniels and a small group.
1 way 19. Did these girls catch cold, or are they crying?


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