Orangethorpe United Methodist Preschool:
2012 Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Raffle

the guys
Here are some of the guys in attendance that night – seated, Pastor Tom Tran, Jim McGee, Tex Powell, and standing, Joe Manson and Dean Sowell. kitchen crew
The kitchen crew which cooked all that spaghetti, including former director Judy Bone, who returns each year to lend a hand. kitchen crew
Sheri is trying to serve up the salad, in spite of Joseph's distraction. Steve, Barb and Joe
Our photographer gets into the picture along with Barb and Joe. cashier
Cashier Jan Ault. cashier
Three longtime OUMPS supporters – Jean Sahr, Zolena Clark and Joe Manson. cashier
Just a few of the diners – Pat and Joe Manson, Don and Judy Bone, and Carol Roberts.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing these pictures with us!

Every year, in May, the Orangethorpe United Methodist Preschool holds its Spaghetti Dinner and Raffle. A lot of families from our church, the preschool and the community attend and enjoy. We're not sure how much funds they raise, because grandparents are invited to attend and eat for free. In 2012, it was a blessing that our photographer Steve Joe was able to attend and take a lot of great photos.

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