OUMC's Renewal Campaign

At Orangethorpe United Methodist Church, we're looking forward to a renewal campaign from October 18th to 20th. This page is for the use of everybody who is involved to post their news, questions or commentaries. Just e-mail me whatever you'd like to have appear over your name and you, and the rest of us, will see it within a few hours. I'll put the latest information and contributions on top. Thank you!

Chuck Carey

September 10. Coordinator meeting in the Conference Room, at 7pm.

September 8. El documento básico está disponible en español ahora. Por favor, ¡corrijan mis errores!

September 1. Updated the team leader list in our basic Renewal Document.

August 28. Here are the team leaders, as announced at last night's exciting preliminary meeting:

August 27. Your coordinators would like to hold a preliminary meeting at 7pm [tonight] in the Conference Room. Bill and Judy will be present at the meeting.

If you cannot not make this meeting, please send a representative. We all need to be on the same page.

There appear to be some questions about the binders and instructions. For this meeting, all leaders need to accomplish the following:

  1. Please read the pages located in your binder.
  2. Select members for your team. Pray about this, let God guide you to those who will make a strong team effort. You will need their support as you carry out your team's part of the retreat. No one can do this alone.
  3. Bring your list of team members, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; any questions you have about the instructions and time table in your binder; and any suggestions you have.

August 12. Please see our renewal index for a list of promotional materials sent to us by LIFT. They include our own modifications and corrections. Your comments are welcome on anything you see there.

July 30. Sharyl, our coordinator, just sent us a two page document which is full of information about the Renewal, including a schedule of all three days. Please be sure to print it and keep it at your fingertips. We'll keep you advised of any changes or updates to that information. Here's where it's at:


July 24. At Church Council meeting, Pastor Tom introduced two guests from LIFT – Rev. Bill Johnson and Judy Gillham, who did a brief presentation on the 3-day LIFT schedule. Bill read from Exodus 40 and stressed preparations over the next 3 months. He emphasized the need for our leaders to LEAD spiritually. Judy passed out several prayer list booklets. This campaign is for all members and friends of OUMC. LIFT will make available Spanish language translation for those who need it.

We selected teams and tentative team leaders. The Coordinators, with Team Leaders, make up the Coordinating Team.

June 26. At Church Council meeting, Barb distributed brochures about the "Renewal" program. It'll take place Oct. 18, 19, 20, 2012. It will be presented by LIFT renewal ministries, with Rev. Bill Johnson in charge.

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