Ventura Rail Trip

June 22, 2011 – twelve intrepid travelers board the Amtrak in Fullerton for an all-day trip to Ventura and back. With the help of Pastor Tom Griffith, we learn all about the geography and history of the railroads and our great state of California.

Thank you, Beth Robinson and Mary Edwards, for taking these photos!

mission The highlight of our two-hour stop in Ventura was Misión San Buenaventura, founded in 1782 by Padre Junípero Serra. Well worth the long uphill trek from the train station!
mural Here's a mural near the mission which depicts life in the early days of Ventura.
the group Seven members of our group — Marian, Patty, Bobby, Zolena, Mary, Pat and Jeanette — with one of the mission's bell towers in the background.
ladies and flowers This is a photo, taken in the same area, with the bright red bougainvillea flowers in the background, which Mary gave us in 2013.
courtyard We're standing around a fountain in the beautiful courtyard of the mission. That's Beth in the wheel chair and Pastor Tom beyond her.
Virgin Mary A statue of the Virgin Mary.
Savior Inside the mission, our Savior.
foundations Next door to the Mission, on the grounds of the Albinger Archeological Museum, researchers have located part of the foundation of the original mission and its well.
canoe Also at the museum is a replica of a canoe, built by the seafaring Chumash people who inhabited much of the California coast.
lunch Before returning to the train, we have lunch at a '50's-style diner, the Busy Bee Café.
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