Charge Conference – December 17, 2011

Meeting Summary

The 2011 Charge Conference was held on Saturday, December 17th. In attendance were 15 members of OUMC's Anglo congregation and 12 members of OUMC's Latino congregation, Pastor Tom Tran, Pastor Sergio Camacho, and District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Cedrick Bridgeforth.

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m. by Rev. Tran and opened with a prayer by Lay Leader Sharyl Lewis. Rev. Bridgeforth and Rev. Tran greeted the attendees. Chuck Carey was elected to serve as Charge Conference secretary.

Rev. Tran called our attention to the Nominating Committee's report. José Luis López' name was deleted from the list of nominees for the SPRC, since he is a candidate for ministry. Questions were raised about Jan Oehrke's ability to serve on SPRC, because of possible overwork, since she is already serving as finance chair, but were deferred for now.

Rev. Camacho presented the nominations for Latino Ministry officers. He asked for the nomination of a replacement for José Luis López. Rev. Bridgeforth suggested deferring this issue until later. The nominating committee's report was accepted, except for José Luis' position, which will be deferred.

Sharyl Lewis presented the Lay Speaker annual report.

Rev. Tran presented the membership report of the Anglo congregation, which now has 97 members. Jack and Kay Cameron's names were removed from the membership list. Rev. Camacho presented the Latino congregation's report. We now have 56 members in the Latino ministry.

The Staff Parish Relations report was presented by Donna Daniels and was accepted, including Rev. Tran's salary and Rev. Camacho's benefit package.

Jo Menely reported on behalf of the Finance Committee.

Joseph La Roche reported on behalf of the Parish Board, including a description of negotiations with telephone companies, which will bring increased revenues to our parish, plus improving the appearance of the church.

Rev. Tran presented the Senior Pastor's report. He stressed the importance of growth and attracting more young members.

Rev. Camacho presented the Latino Pastor's report, including the names of ministerial candidates. All four candidates were accepted.

Rev. Bridgeforth spoke briefly. He must leave to attend a foster children's Christmas party this afternoon, but will return tomorrow (12/20) for our combined service with Grace River and Bellflower UMCs. The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

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